Dropship Policy

1. Introduction This policy details the terms and conditions of the partnership between CaseDog, and its Dropshipping Partners. By applying to and being accepted into the CaseDog dropshipping program, you, as the Dropshipping Partner, agree to comply with all terms outlined herein.

2. Product Listing and Pricing

  • Authorisation to Sell: Permission is granted to Dropshipping Partners to list and sell CaseDog products on their e-commerce platforms.
  • Product Information: CaseDog will supply accurate product descriptions, images, and marketing materials.
  • Minimum Advertised Price (MAP): All partners must adhere to the MAP policy, with selling below the specified price requiring prior written approval from CaseDog.

3. Order Processing and Fulfilment

  • Order Submission: Dropshipping Partners must promptly submit customer orders through the designated dropshipping portal.
  • Order Fulfilment: CaseDog will handle order processing, packaging, and shipping directly to the customer.
  • Customer Information: Partners are responsible for providing complete and accurate customer information for delivery purposes.

4. Shipping and Delivery

  • Shipping Arrangements: All aspects of shipping and delivery for dropshipped orders are managed by CaseDog.
  • Shipping Costs: Costs are determined by CaseDog, based on destination and shipping method.
  • Tracking Information: CaseDog will provide tracking details to Dropshipping Partners, who must then update their customers accordingly.

5. Returns and Refunds

  • Return Policy Adherence: Partners must follow CaseDog’s return and refund policy.
  • Return Notification: Partners must promptly inform CaseDog of any customer return or refund requests and provide order details.
  • Return Process: CaseDog will issue a return authorisation and instructions for direct returns from customers.
  • Refund Processing: CaseDog will inspect returned products and process refunds, notifying partners once complete.

6. Payment and Commission

  • Commission Structure: Partners receive a commission on each successful sale, as outlined in the partnership agreement.
  • Invoicing: Monthly invoices will detail sales and commissions, issued by CaseDog to Dropshipping Partners.
  • Payment Terms: Invoices are payable within the terms specified by CaseDog.

7. Intellectual Property

  • Ownership: All intellectual property rights in CaseDog products, branding, and marketing materials remain with CaseDog.
  • Limited License: A limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license is granted to partners for using CaseDog’s intellectual property solely to promote and sell its products.

8. Termination

  • Termination Rights: Either party may terminate the partnership with written notice.
  • Immediate Termination: CaseDog may terminate the partnership immediately if terms are breached or the partner engages in harmful activities.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • Governing Law: This policy is governed by the laws of England and Wales.
  • Jurisdiction: Disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

By participating in the CaseDog dropshipping programme, partners confirm their understanding and agreement to these terms.

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